about me

Hi. I like cats. A lot.

About the origins of my blog name:

 I don't actually think vanilla is for suckers. I used to--but I've actually come to have quite a large appreciation for vanilla. But variations of "completelynormal" and "imnotcrazy" were all taken (do you think blogger is trying to tell me something?) along with dozens of others that I can't possibly even remember now, culminating with "damnitallthenamesiwantaretaken" and even that was taken, and I really though it'd be inappropriate to try "fuckit9wefjkhr2348" because, I do have some boundaries you know.

So unfortunately for you vanilla lovers out there, I just so happened to be eating Trader Joe's chocolate Joe-Joe's, which is their own version of oreos, which is 1. so much better 2. all natural and 3. hydrogenated oil-free. This means they're healthy, so it's okay that I ate 7. before 10 am.

Anyway. I looked at my cookie. then at the screen. cookie. screen. I thought, how miserable would I be if this was a vanilla joe-joe? Pretty damn miserable. Sorry, vanilla. I hope we can still be friends.